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Vita Solution 12 Brightening Foot Peeling Pack [JIGOTT] Korean Beauty

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This is a home care product that allows you to easily care for your feet at home. The vitamins contained in the product moisten and nourish tired fart making them feel soft and smooth. It helps to keep your feet healthy and clean by removing dead skin cells from rough skin.

How to use

  1. After washing your feet, apply a sheet to each foot.
  2. Put the solution in the pouch into the bottom of the sheet.
  3. Wait for the contents to be wel absorbed by the feet. (recommended time: around 30 minutes)
  4. After 30 minutes has elapsed, remove the sheets and rinse the feet thoroughly to remove any remaining solution. 
*There are individual differences, but the dead skin cels on the feet begin to peel off naturally from 4 to 6 days after use. Do not pull off peeling skin on the feet forcibly.


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