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Theraffin Hand Mask, PACK 10 [MEDIHEAL] Korean Beauty

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Intensive Hand Care Mask contains a rich blend of hydration and exfoliation ingredients that will help improve the appearance of your hands and nails. This skin exfoliator glove is beneficial for those with dry hands, fine wrinkles and clumpy skin.

PACK of 10 

Paraffin, Shea Butter extracts, and Ceramide that offer an at-home manicure experience. The hydrating ingredients in our moisture gloves help improve skin elasticity leaving your hands moisturized.

For stay-at-home people, hands can get coarse and dry due to house chores and office work. Our cracked hands repair exfoliating hand gloves make the hand skin tight and help improve its radiance, smoothness, and clarity.

Free of Parabens, Sulfate, Artificial Dyes, Mineral Oil and Silicone