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Sleeping Melting Nose Pack, PACK 3 [MEDIHEAL] Korean Beauty

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Conventional ordinary strip type nose packs are aggressive to remove sebum, and have a lot of irritation to the skin. However, this new concept of sleeping nose pack removes and melts excess sebum without irritation. The sebum in the pores is naturally absorbed and removed.

This sleeping nose pack contains: Vitamin C derivatives - helps your skin bright and tone up. Tea Tree - soothes the skin. Glycolic Acid - controls and removes dead skin cells.

PACK of 3

How to use
Step 1Remove the film cover and put it on your clean and dry nose, before going to sleep.
Step 2Press it evenly so that there is no air in between the nose pack patch and the skin, adhering to the skin.
Step 3Apply for more than 4 hours to maximize the effectiveness & remove it slowly the next morning to reveal a smooth, pore-less looking nose!

Key Ingredients Vitamin C, Tea Tree, Glycolic Acid