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Premium Hydrogel Mask, PACK 5 [HANMERYEO] Korean Beauty

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This 24k collagen gold mask has soft and thin texture. Clear and pure jelly - High moisture & elasticity, contains pure Gold, and natural plants. Fast absorption, less irritation to sensitive skin. Bright, smooth skin immediately after the first use. Completely eliminates dry, dull skin. Improve the condition of pigmentation, minimize the risk of pigmentation. Golden Jelly mask has a powerful antioxidant effect, helping to make the skin youthful and vibrant.
  • Moisture, freshness, elasticity on skin
  • Gold and collagen ingredients help changing rough skin to elastic skin.
  • High-grade aesthetic management program
  • Diamond powder and plant extracts are contained. It helps skin whitening and wastes removal.
  • Dermatropic water-soluble sheet
  • Convenience solved in water and wonderful adherence.
  • 4-step: Nutrition, moisturizing, elasticity, cooling at once. 
How to use
STEP 1 Rinse face, peel off a layer of mask and apply on face
STEP 2 Leave on for 30-45 minutes then curl up and massage again for 5 minutes.